Mini 650 - Mini-Transat - Leg 2 - Day 6

Friday, November 8, 2019   
 Mini 650  MiniTransat  Leg 2  Day 6
During the past 24 hours, François Jambou FRA has been extending his lead on Axel Tréhin FRA in the Protos Minis to 98nm. The first Series Mini of Ambrogio Beccaria ITA, only 30nm behind the overall leader Jambou FRA, had a 57nm advantage on Benjamin Ferré FRA on the 2nd position in the Series. ----- Sailing at average speeds above 10kn, the Minis made good progress in the well-established trade winds. ----- The race tracker and the news.
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Mini 650 - Mini-Transat - La Rochelle FRA - Gran Canaria ESP - Martinique FRA

Sunday, 22. September 2019– Tuesday, 15. October 2019


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